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    Buy Large Prawn 31/40 Online in Guwahati

    Frozen Large Prawn 31/40 Size (Peeled & Cleaned)

    Select options 320.00640.00
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    Buy Lobster Online in Guwahati

    Frozen Lobster (2 Pieces, 3 Pieces) (Per Kg)

    Final price may vary depending upon the final weight
    Select options 1,700.002,400.00
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    Frozen Mud Crab (2/4 Pcs Per Kg)

    Read more 750.00
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    Frozen Octopus, Large Size (500-800 g Per Piece)

    Per piece 500-800 g size Price at per 1000 g, final price depends upon the…
    Read more 600.00
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    Buy Basa Fish Fillets Online in Guwahati

    Frozen Prime Basa Fish Fillets, 5 kg Pack (0% Glazing/Ice)

    Pre Order Only Item 95-100% Fish after thawingSkinless, Boneless and Ready to Eat Country of…
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    Frozen Seer Fish/King Fish/Surmai

    Select options 550.001,100.00
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    Pomfret Big Size Online in Guwahati

    Frozen Silver Pomfret, Big Size, Approx 250 g per piece, 4 Pieces Per Kg

    Select options 600.001,300.00
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    Buy Pomfret Fish Online in Guwahati

    Frozen Small Pomfret Fish (8-10 Pieces Per Kg)

    Select options 400.00800.00
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    Buy Small Prawns 51/60 in Guwahati

    Frozen Small Prawns 51/60 Size (Peeled & Cleaned)

    Select options 250.00500.00
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    Frozen Squid Tubes (500 g, 1 kg)

    Select options 290.00580.00
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    Buy tiger prawns online in Guwahati

    Frozen Tiger Prawn 13/15 Size (Peeled & Cleaned)

    Select options 550.001,100.00
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    Frozen Tuna Fish Fillets (Large) (Per Kg)

    Select options 780.001,500.00